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Post by Odette McKinnon on Wed May 02, 2012 1:49 am

General Information

Full Name: Odette Emily McKinnon
Nickname: Oddie
Age: 5
Birthdate: August 12th
Birthplace: Jupiter
Current Home: Jupiter
Blood Purity: Pure


Hair Color: red
Hair Style: long and curly
Eye Color: brown
Height: 4'7"
Body Type:
Dress Style: childish
Other: (optional)


Likes: colours, flowers, rainbows, candy, animals, her siblings, ponies, flowers, rainbows, animals, toys, candy, cakes, cupcakes, helping Ollie bake, finger painting, wondering things and asking about things
Dislikes: the dark, mean people, scary things, when no one wants to read her a story, when people fight, having no one to play with
Strengths: fingerpainting, getting what she wants, being Extremely Cute, Getting Laura to do whatever she wants
Weaknesses: is easily distracted, gets easily bored, tends to forget things, afraid of heights


Family: The McKinnons are a very large pureblood family who are known for being friendly to muggles. Odette has three brothers and three sisters.
Personal: Odette loves her siblings very much, especially Ollie, he is her favorite brother, because he lets her help him bake.
Odette doesnðt like the fact that she doesn't get to go to school with the other kids and she gets pretty bored during the period her siblings are at school.
She is cute, funny and adorable, and will stop at nothing while trying to get something she wants.


Father: Wyatt McKinnon
Mother: Roslyn McKinnon
Siblings: Melanie, William, Matthew, Laura, Oliver, Lizbet and Willow
Other: Melanie Frost (cousin), Jeeves (house elf)


Wand: Doesn't have a wand yet.
Pet: A cat called Maurice and a kitten called Oliver (even though it's a girl)

(this is only filled out so I can remember it)
Sorting Quiz:
Describe yourself in four words: goofy, funny, cute, lovable

In which order would you have these words: Family,Friends, Money.

Favorite planet of these: Jupiter

Preferred Year
First Choice: 1st
Second Choice: 1st
Third Choice: 1st
Odette McKinnon
Odette McKinnon

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