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General Information

Full Name: Oliver Brayden McKinnon
Nickname: Ollie
Age: 16
Birthdate: January 1st
Birthplace: Jupiter
Current Home: Jupiter
Blood Purity: Pure


Hair Color: Blond
Hair Style: Short
Eye Color: Light Blue
Height: 5'8
Body Type: Muscular, Sporty
Dress Style: Varies, mostly muggle clothes


Likes: Cooking, Leviball, Sports, Horror Films, Music, Partying, Candy, Annoying his siblings, Being with his friends, Magazines, Sunshine, Fire
Dislikes: People who don't like sports, Lazy people, Goody-goody people, People who jump to conclusions, Rain, Thunder
Strengths: Sports, Easy going, Incredibly fast, Great cook, Easy to get along with, Rockology
Weaknesses: Over thinks things, Tends to worry a lot, Plantology, Careless at times, Can be overconfident


Family: The McKinnons are a large and well known pure blood family. It can get hectic, living with them. Oliver has 4 sisters and 2 brothers, and he loves them all, even though they tend to get on his nerves (especially Liz).

Personal: Oliver is the more out going of the siblings, which is weird, considering he is mute. He can form some simple words, but mostly elects to not talk at all. Oliver uses sign language to communicate with his family and friends (who learned it for his sake), and at school he always carries around a muggle dry-erase board and marker so that he can communicate with his professors and others. He loves playing sports, especially Leviball and Quidditch whenever he visits Earth. He also loves to cook, and is very good at it. He often cooks the meals over the summer and during holidays when they're not at school. He enjoys baking all sorts of desserts. Oliver has a tight-nit group of friends, and they can often be found on the Leviball field or in the Inter-house common room.


Father: Wyatt McKinnon
Mother: Roslyn McKinnon
Siblings: Melanie, William, Laura, Matthew, Lizbet, Willow, and Odette
Other: Melanie Frost (cousin), Jeeves (house elf)


Wand: 12.5", Acromantula fang, Cherry wood
Pet: A sugar glider that accompanies him everywhere called Shasta

Sorting Quiz:

Describe yourself in four words: Sporty, Witty, Charming, Fun loving

In which order would you have these words: Family, Friends, Money

Favorite planet of these: Jupiter

Preferred Year
First Choice: 4th
Second Choice: 5th
Third Choice: 3rd
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