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Post by Ginny Weasley on Thu May 03, 2012 1:29 am

General Information

Full Name: Willow McKinnon
Age: 11
Birthdate: July 1st
Birthplace: Jupiter
Current Home: McKinnon Mansion
Blood Purity: Pure


Hair Color: Blonde
Hair Style: Long
Eye Color: Brown
Height: Average
Body Type: Slender
Dress Style: Rather simple, often jeans and a t-shirt
Other: Doesn't make much of an effort to look pretty.


Likes: Reading, cooking with her older siblings, though Melanie is often the one she cooks with, playing outside, being on her own, descovering new things, games, her teddybear, singing, James visiting
Dislikes: Loud places, being bored, being trapped in one place, being left on her own for long periods of time (despite the fact that she enjoys it at times), scary people (you know who you are)
Strengths: Working with creatures and plants, has a good imagination, good stamina.
Weaknesses: Quite naive, timid, allows herself to get stepped on easily, lacks confidence.


Family: Willow has many siblings, and is one of the youngest. She looks up to most of them as her parental figures, though often feels overshadowed by their personalities, feeling plain in comparison, and mediocre. She also hopes for her parents approval as a child, but as time goes on, begins to just look for reactions. Melanie possibly the one she enjoys spending time with most (seeing as she sees her as a mother), though she often avoids admitting it out of embarrassment, and likes spending time with Matthew because she feels like she has most in common with him.
Personal: Willow spends a lot of time on her own, as she found growing up in a house full of people very suffocating. She probably spends more time outside reading than she does inside, purely for the freedom of having no walls or ceiling. One of the quiet ones, usually the only time she says what she wants or is thinking is when she's with one or two people, feeling too pressured to do so with any more. Family get-togethers are incredibly hard on her, though she enjoys seeing her siblings when there's just one or two of them for the most part.


Father: Wyatt McKinnon
Mother: Roslyn McKinnon
Siblings: Melanie, William, Laura, Matthew, Oliver, Lizbet and Odette McKinnon
Other: Melanie Frost (cousin), Jeeves (house elf)


Wand: Doesn't have one yet
Pet: Fredrick the Frog
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