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Post by Melanie McKinnon on Wed May 02, 2012 2:23 am

Melanie A. McKinnon

Full Name: Melanie Ariatha McKinnon (“... Dont call me that, though.”)
Nickname: Melly, Mel, Mellie, Mac.
Age: 21
Birthdate: July 15th
Birthplace: Mars, moved to Jupiter just after.
Current Home: Jupiter (“Yes, I live with my parents, I dont have a job to pay for my own flat anymore, leave me alone.”)
Blood Purity: Pureblood
Job: Unemployed (“My last 'boss' was a bloody pervert, who sacked me because I called him one, woops.")


Hair Color: Blonde, but has dyed it black, brown and red multiple times.
Hair Style: Long, curly.
Eye Color: Green.
Height: Average.
Body Type: Slim, but with curves.
Dress Style: Band t-shirts, jeans, converse. (“I'll put on a dress though, when I need to be fancy”)


Likes: Music, very loud music, men, dying her hair, messing with her siblings, family gatherings (though, she'll tell you she hates them, but actually quite enjoys them), chocolate, singing, dreaming, strawberries, blackmail, flats, adventures.
Dislikes: Being proved wrong when she really thinks she's correct, too much amount of silence at a time, when her parents try to control her, having to repeat herself, when she can't come up with a comeback,being judged, feeling left out or misunderstood, when she cant read people or understand them.
Strengths: Good memory, fast thinker, easy to trust, usually patient
Weaknesses: Stubborn, can be short tempered, loud, can get carried away and act before she thinks, gets bored easily, has the habbit of dropping everything and disappearing to go on an adventure.


Father: Wyatt McKinnon
Mother: Roslyn McKinnon
Siblings: William, Laura, Matthew, Oliver, Lizbet and Odette McKinnon
Spouse: None
Children: None
Other: Jeeves, house elf.


Family: Mel is the oldest of seven siblings, the McKinnon's are a large magical family, they live on Jupiter together and try to get along though that fails sometimes. She can get on well with most family members – most of the time, though she cant stand it when her parents get too controlling or her siblings too annoying, but their voices are easily blocked out by a loud song.
Personal: Mel went to Pigfarst and was sorted into Lacerta, she got fine grades but was kind of lazy and often got detentions or showed up too late for classes, but she did well on most exams and says thats how she 'showed those bastards that I can ditch their class and still kick arse on their stupid exams!'. She's free-spirited, a rebel and can get carried away. She loves going on adventures, deciding last moment to go on at trip to Pluto, or maybe Earth with one of her friends, maybe coming back tomorrow or in a month and maybe just announcing that to her parents five minutes before, or maybe just not at all. She can be a bit careless and has gotten fired twice and working kind of bores her, she'd much rather do something fun than work all day, which is why she moved herself back into her parents place after only two years of living away. She likes to say that she's a good listener and gives good advice and that her sibling can come to her if they need to sort out their problems, but that's always been a problem for the McKinnons, coming for help or even realizing they need help in the first place.


Wand: 13 inches, rosewood core, unicorn hair.
Pet: Broccoli the mouse, died of old age. (“R.I.P old fella.”)
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Post by Melanie McKinnon on Thu May 03, 2012 1:45 pm

Melanie McKinnon 14upht
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Mel is a complicated character, being the oldest of her siblings she kind of got the job to ‘take care of them’ when her parents couldn’t be bothered, but Mel doesn’t like being tied up, she can’t even handle working, so she kind of ditched the job, didn’t take the pressure and wanted to live her life. She sometimes wondered if it’s her fault that some of them aren’t as angel-like and innocent as they could’ve been.

She grew up with her best friend, Joe and then when she started attending Pigfarts she met Ariadne Ellingham and James Jackson and they’ve been inseparable ever since then. She’s semi-close with James’ friend Terra, as well. Mel loves nothing more than going on an adventure with some of her friends, she can’t stand to be alone for too long or sit around doing nothing and there for has the habit of disappearing without a sign to go on the next adventure.

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When a child Mel was pretty normal, she never really got the chance of playing with dolls because Joe liked playing outside more and her mother always said she couldn’t take the dolls outside because they’d become dirty, so the girl spent more time playing ‘boy games’ than girly ones. When she became older the need to be ‘different’ became stronger, especially after so many siblings. She listens to a lot of music, likes it loud (her main reason for playing it so loud is to see how long until someone screams at her to shut it off, then she plays it even louder), she enjoys pushing limits and isn’t the best with rules or commitment, and hasn’t ever been in a long-term relationship because she honestly just became very bored with it when she tried. She loves her leather jacket the most in the world and sometimes refers to it as her ‘baby’.

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Mel enjoys partying, drinking and sex, though she isn’t quite the “Liz type” and knows her boundaries. She still lives with her parents, she tried once getting her own flat but ended up not being able to pay for it because she got her fired from two jobs and then really couldn’t be bothered with it. She's also coloured her hair few times, brown, red and once she might it bright purple but didn't keep that for long.

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She sometimes misses her friend Joe, who she hasn’t seen for three years, nor had much contact with. He calls her ‘Mac’, which in the beginning she couldn’t stand but has gotten pretty used to it, what she doesn’t like though is when others call her ‘Mac’ because it reminds her of how much she misses her friend.

She’s rather protective of her siblings, not that she lets it show and she likes spending time with them, not that she’d ever admit that. She’d like to say that she’ll always be there for them to help them deal with their problems, but she’s more cowardly than she lets on, she doesn’t know how the hell she’s supposed to help them figure out how life works when she doesn’t have a bloody clue herself.
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