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Post by Matthew McKinnon on Tue Apr 10, 2012 6:27 pm

General Information

Full Name: Matthew Andrew McKinnon
Nickname: Matt, Matty
Age: 17
Birthdate: June 17th
Birthplace: Jupiter
Current Home: Jupiter
Blood Purity: Pureblood


Hair Color: Sandy blond
Hair Style: Messy
Eye Color: Light brown
Height: 5'9 feet
Body Type: Skinny
Dress Style: Everything that makes him blend into the crowd
Other: Nothing


Likes: Music, drawing, reading, knowing what his going on
Dislikes: Large crowds, loud noises, being forced to do things, his stutter
Strengths: Extremely clever, a very skilled artist, can express most things in words and paintings
Weaknesses: His stutter, large crowds, his nerves, his shyness, can't say no


Family: The McKinnon family is a large family, Matthew has two brothers and four sisters, whom he all loves, even though they can be quite loud and boisterous compared to himself. They live in a big mansion, where he has his own space to go to if he wants to be alone. He can't imagine life without so many siblings, and he doesn't really want to.

Personal: Matthew is silent, prefers being alone than being with people and is extremely nervous around people. The only people he is not nervous around, are his siblings.


Father: Wyatt McKinnon
Mother: Roslynn McKinnon
Siblings: Melanie, William, Laura, Oliver, Lizbet, Willow and Odette McKinnon
Other: Melanie Frost (cousin), Jeeves (House-elf)


Wand: 12'9 inches, unicorn hair and hawthorn
Pet: a cat

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Post by Matthew McKinnon on Thu May 03, 2012 2:17 pm

Matthew Andrew McKinnon
Just trying to be ordinary in this extravagant world.

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With two older sister, one older brother, one younger brother and three younger sisters, Matthew is right in the middle of the McKinnon family. On first sight, it seems like he doesn't have much in common with his siblings, but if you look further than that, you can see he shares at least one interest with each of them. But because he is quite silent, soft-spoken and rather stays away from the crowd, even his siblings have a hard time seeing this.

He isn't quite as out-going as most of his siblings, and compared to them he is quite tame. This is mostly because he is way too nervous to let himself go. He has a hard time showing people that he cares, or that his opinion matters as well. He often just decides to let it happen and blends into the background. He never seems to mind, even when he does.

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Ever since Matthew could talk, he has been dealing with a stutter. It only goes away when he feels completely comfortable, which is almost never. He feels comfortable around his siblings, but often still a bit wary and the stutter stays. He has always hated it, and wishes it was gone. He really tries to ignore it, but it always manages to catch him of guard.

Next to his siblings, Matthew never really had friends. He still doesn't have them, even after five years on Pigfarts. He doesn't know how to make them, and seeing as he doesn't want to make a fool out of himself, he chooses for the more easy option and buries himself in his school work. He is extremely smart and probably gets the highest grades in the McKinnon family. School is the only thing he's certain about, and he's not prepared to give that up.

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Art and poetry are two things Matthew manages to put his feelings into. He isn't one to show his work to other people, so most things are either destroyed or hidden somewhere in his bedroom, but he really likes making it. He manages to put things he wants to say onto paper better than when he wants to say them out loud. He has a large wooden box under his bed where he stores his most important works, but he has never shown it to anyone, nor does he plans on doing this.

He hates not knowing what is going on almost as much as being cornered. He's not very good at saying no, so he rarely does it. Even if he really wants to. He's quite protective of his family, even if he doesn't show this while they are there. He'd rather make a fool out of himself to save them, than to save his own arse. As long as he's sure that they're safe, he doesn't care.

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Matthew McKinnon
Matthew McKinnon

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