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Post by Lizbet McKinnon on Sat Nov 03, 2012 3:42 am

Lizbet sat on one of the couches, her legs folded under her and her Occlumency book sprawled open in front of her. She'd never admit it aloud, but this was probably the hardest subject ever. Or well, that was debatable, she would probably be failing History of Magic, if Terra didn't teach it. And if there wasn't a whacko teaching Rockology that didn't fail you unless you skived or annoyed her enough, Liz would've been failing that too.

But Occlumency was different. Occlumency requested a lot of focusing and brain activity. And it was something Liz never really wanted to study. She could've, of course, owled her uncle James and asked him for advise because if she remembered correctly he had been really good at that subject. But Liz was a proud human being, and didn't like asking for help from anyone.

She was incredulously annoyed, because she had been focusing really hard (so hard that she had re-read the same sentence four times and not understood it yet), when someone interrupted her. She looked up at the person that dared to interrupt her peace, scowling.
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