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General Information

Full Name: Lucille Anne Odair
Nickname: Lucy, Luce, Odair
Age: Eighteen
Birthdate: November 29th
Birthplace: Earth
Current Home: Venus
Blood Purity: Halfblood


Hair Colour: Black
Hair Style: Long, straight or wavy.
Eye Colour: Hazel, sometimes with a hint of green.
Height: Average.
Body Type: Slim.
Dress Style: Simple; t-shirts, jeans, shorts, flats, sneakers, robes.
Other: -


Likes: Having fun, parties, drinking, smoking, being loud, dancing, making friends, hanging with her friends, breaking rules, sex, swearing, Hunnybunny McKinnon, annoying the people that annoy her.
Dislikes: Party poopers, school, studying, dark places, staying at home, knowing something fun is happening and not being a part of it, feeling left out, feeling lonely, feeling weak, pineapples, tomatoes, Hunnybunny McKinnon, people that annoy her.
Strengths: Duelling, fast runner, good memory (good for blackmail and teasing), witty tongue, easy going most of the time
Weaknesses: Easily pissed off, Hunnybunny McKinnon, gets easily bored, Levi ball, Rockology, can be irresponsible, can hold a grudge for a long time, can be quite vulgar and not know when to shut up.


Family: Lucy comes from a pretty normal family, her father is a wizard, born and raised on Venus but he moved to Earth to work in the Ministry for few years and that’s when he met Lucy’s mother, a muggle woman and they fell in love, had Lucy and moved to Venus where they had their son Christopher.
Personal: Lucy’s a bit of a wild child sometimes, she hates being bored and sitting around home doing nothing, actually she doesn’t even like hanging around home at all. She loves going to parties and hanging around with her friends, though she dislikes some of the people in her friend-group. She has a hate-relationship of sorts with Hunnybunny McKinnon, which more often than not ends in I-hate-you-sex. She loves driving him mad and is positive he loves doing the same to her, and damn it works. She is easy to wind up and can go from being calm and sweet to being an angry monster. Lucy’s good at hiding her discomfort when she needs to and putting on a smile when her heart is begging her to burst into tears, but she won’t allow herself to be weak.


Father: Finn Odair
Mother: Annabelle (Cresta) Odair
Siblings: Christopher Odair
Other: -


Wand: 13 inches, rosewood, unicorn hair.
Pet: Orange coloured cat named Lady Orange or Range for short.

Sorting Quiz:

Describe yourself in four words:
Outgoing, loud, sarcastic, trouble.

In which order would you have these words:
Friends, Family, Money

Favourite planet of these: Venus, Jupiter or Pluto?

Preferred Year
First Choice: 6th
Second Choice: 5th
Third Choice: 4th

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