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Post by Rumbleroar on Tue May 24, 2011 11:12 am

Pigfarts is a school to witches and wizards and is currently placed on the planet Mars.
Headmaster: Rumbleroar (a lion)

So the school year is 10 real weeks (each lesson is two weeks, so everyone can have enough time to post) so it takes about two months to finish one school year.

- Lesson 1 (Two weeks). Winter Break (One Week). Lesson 2 (Two weeks). Lesson 3 (Two weeks) Easter Break (One week) Lesson 4 (Two weeks) Summer vacation. -

The first years are 13 years old and everyone has to start at that age (or every student, the adults can control their age) and finish school at 18.

Students are asked to sign up for at least 3 classes, so they can graduate (:
If students don't post in their classes when they have been up for 3 days (Classes go up on Mondays) they are late and Professors can take Star's away from their house.

Professor's are asked to make sure they put their lessons up at the right time and sum up the Stars they have given in the end of each lesson.

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