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Post by Payton Struck on Thu May 26, 2011 2:17 am

Star Villa is located on Saturn, right on one of the rings. It is a beautiful place to live and admired by many.
Description Small.703luna%20villa
Like most things owned by Payton, the villa is very brightly coloured and cheerful on the inside.
Description Color-living-room-l
Living Room^
Description Bright-basement-bedroom-design-2
Payton's Bedroom^
Description Pretty-Colourful-Kitchen-Concept
Kitchen^(Ignore the creepy barbie dolls)
Description Bathroom-design-ideas-delpha-thumb
Payton's Bathroom^
After arguing for a bit, Payton decided she would let Zachary decorate his room however he wanted. Mostly to mess with his favourite cousin, he decided to use dark, dull colours in contrast to the bright colours of the rest of the house.

Description Minimalist-luxury-bedroom-interior-design
Zachary's Bedroom^
Description Bathroom-designs-ideas-2
Zachary's Bathroom^

Description Pay
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