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General Information

Full Name: Link Legolas Adlington
Nickname: House Elf
Age: 18
Birthdate: 28/2
Birthplace: The Hollow Hills, Wales
Current Home:
Species: Elven


Hair Color: Ash blond
Hair Style: Long fringe, wavy
Eye Color: Green
Height: Small
Body Type: Slender, slight
Dress Style: Green
Other: Ears end at a point


Likes: Quiet, Wales, rain, magic, outside, laughing, sleep
Dislikes: Being riled up, being taken advantage of, people picking on his sister who are not him
Strengths: Good at fighting, has a good capacity for teasing, good at listening
Weaknesses: Once he loses his temper he really loses it, loves to sleep, is a sucker for chocolate


Family: Merrill and Link’s father Fenris was kept as a slave in his youth, and was experimented on by a group of witches and wizards who were trying to find a way to combine Elven magic with their own, in an attempt to be able to use their magic and possibly extend their lives, due to the fact elves have longer life spans. Unfortunately their experiments backfired, and Fenris ended up losing the ability to use the majority of his magic. However whatever they did made an impression on his genetics, as his children were born with human magic, their Elven magic not supposed to show itself until later in their lives.
When Zelda and Fenris realised their children had human magic they left the planet and moved to Pluto, where there was a colony of Welsh elves.
Personal: Link is small by Elf standards, and despite insisting that he was planning on filling out and when all came to the end saying that he was happy being short, he is still the subject of a lot of teasing. Link also loves his little sister Merrill a lot, although he won't admit this, and likes to tease her about a mispronunciation of the letter 'L' she had in revenge for her picking on his size.


Father: Fenris Adlington
Mother: Zelda Adlington
Siblings: Merrill Adlington
Other: (Like if you have a house elf, put it here)


Wand: 12", cherry, dwarf hair
Pet: Crimson Loftwing

Sorting Quiz:
Describe yourself in four words: small, cynical, cheerful, elf <3

In which order would you have these words: Family, Friends, Money

Favorite planet of these: Pluto because it has an L in it and Merrill won't say it right. Very Happy

Preferred Year
First Choice: 6th
Second Choice: 5th
Third Choice: 4th
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