You're Only Cute For So Long (OlliLolli/Loony)

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You're Only Cute For So Long (OlliLolli/Loony) Empty You're Only Cute For So Long (OlliLolli/Loony)

Post by Laura McKinnon on Thu May 17, 2012 11:22 pm

Sir Renaldi wasn't in her room. He wasn't in the bathroom. He wasn't in the hall.

Laura was getting worried.

"Here, kitty kitty~," she called, peeking her head in each of the rooms she passed. "I've got some catnip with your name on it~!"

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Where the hell could that little guy 've gone? Laura thought in frustration. It wasn't like Sir Renaldi to just...disappear. He wasn't a house elf. He didn't have that power. Though, she had to admit, he did act much too smart for a common house cat...

"Sir Renaldi~! Sir Renaldi~!" Laura sang out again. She spotted an open door, and a grin split her face.

She didn't bother to knock, nor did she bother to notice whose room it was. Instead, the brunette burst into the room, dead set on finding her adorable little kitten.

And Laura found him. Well, she thought she did. His tail disappeared under a bed before she could fully enter the room.

"Sir Renaldi," she whined, knowing fully well how much work it would take to get him out of there. And how much clawing she'll be subjected to...
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