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Post by Annabeth Johnson on Sun Apr 29, 2012 11:02 pm

General Information

Full Name: Annabeth Julianne Johnson
Nickname: Anna
Age: Forever 16
Birthdate: November 11th 1958
Birthplace: Surrey
Current Home: Pigfarts
Blood Purity: Halfblood


Hair Color: Red (semi-transparant)
Hair Style: A long braid down her shoulder
Eye Color: Blue (semi-transparant)
Height: 5'1 feet
Body Type: Curvy and small
Dress Style: A yellow (now semi-transparant) dress that comes to her knees
Other: Her appearance never changes


Likes: Art, drawing, being noticed, having a nice conversation, soft touches, helping people.
Dislikes: Being forgotten, that she isn't able to touch anything, being lost
Strengths: Clever, creative, sweet, innocent
Weaknesses: Naive, gets attached too easily, sometimes forgets she's dead and therefor not the same as others


Family: Annabeth was born in 1958, she went to Pigfarts and enjoyed the school until her fourth year. At the age of sixteen, her family and herself got in an accident then, killing all four of them. She was the only one to come back as a ghost. She felt like she wasn't done living, and even though being a ghost was nothing compared to actually living, it was better than nothing.

Personal: Annabeth was a Pyxis student. She has a calm nature about her, enjoys anything that has to do with art, especially drawing. This is something she misses extremely as her life as a ghost. She cannot pick anything up, therefor she can't draw or paint. Sometimes she regrets she did not just cross over, as the days turn out to be longer as she grows older. Or well, her mind grows older, her body is forever stuck at sixteen.


Father: Victor Johnson (deceased)
Mother: Mary-Jane Johnson (deceased)
Siblings: Piper Johnson (deceased)
Other: None


Wand: 14'2 inches, Unicorn hair core and Hawthorn wood, she doesn't have it anymore
Pet: She used to have an owl, but it died of old age
Annabeth Johnson
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