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Post by Melanie Frost on Mon Apr 16, 2012 12:39 pm

Character Information

When you first join, make sure your username is the same as your character name. Each new character you make needs a new account, and each username must reflect your character's name. Example: Lukas Ash Mohr. Spaces are required between first and last name. Finally, there is no need to put - or _ or anything like that.

After you create a profile in the Sorting Star please wait until we sort you. When we‘ve sorted you (even as an adult character) then you may start posting, but you can always join us in the cb, even if you aren’t sorted yet (:

Classes... Uh, we really fail at having classes. Classes will probably be posted but we're not going to force you to join, but keep in mind that the classes on Pigfarts can be quite.. interesting.

Characters should (though it is not needed) have a celebrity "face" to represent them. That is easier for others to know what your character looks like, even though most of the celebs will be adults while your character is a child/teenager. There is a list that you will see on the "Claimed Celebrities". If you see a celeb name on there, that means it is taken and you can’t pick that person. To get your celeb just reply to the Claimed Celebrities thread.

Storylines are important, especially personal plots. If you want to role-play with someone, just ask them, we are all on here very open for ideas and new things.

The school sport is Leviball, so, it works like this; you are floating in the air on Leviboards and there are four hoops, the hoops move and are not the same size, and sometimes the balls used for throwing into the hoops feel the urge to change sizes.


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