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Post by Roslyn Spinnett on Sun Feb 12, 2012 11:13 pm

Full Name: Roslyn Jenine Spinnett
Nickname: Rosie, Rose,
Age: 16
Birthdate: July 12
Birthplace: Buckinghamshire, England
Current Home: Mars
Blood Purity: Pure


Hair Color: Dark brown
Hair Style:
Eye Color: Shoulder length with bangs.
Height: 5;4
Body Type: Fairly curvy.
Dress Style: Feminine; ballet flats, cardigans and dresses.
Other: (optional)


Likes: Tea, hugs, cuddles, Sky, laughing, crossword puzzles, Astronomy.
Dislikes: Being wrong, cold, people who think only of themselves, when a certain redhead abandons her to the wrath of her HOH, Plantology, Levi Ball (playing it, that is).
Strengths: Loyalty, patience, compassion, clever, Astronomy. Good with dates and names.
Weaknesses: Sports, anything involving coordination, really, has a very strong conscience, plantology, levi-ball.


Father: Jonas Spinnett
Mother: Katherina Spinnett, nee Belby.
Siblings: Oliver Spinnett, elder brother.
Rosie seems like she's purely sweetness and light. And don't doubt it, she is, but

{Will finish when I get back!}


Other: (Like if you have a house elf, put it here)


Wand: (create this yourself: length, wood and core)

Sorting Quiz:
Describe yourself in four words:

In which order would you have these words: Friends, Family, Money. (The word that is the first being the most important to you, and the last the least important.)

Favorite planet of these: Venus, Jupiter or Pluto?

Preferred Year
First Choice:
Second Choice:
Third Choice:.

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