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Post by Tristan Galla on Sat Feb 11, 2012 10:49 pm

Full Name: Tristan Lake Galla
Nickname: Tris, Trist, Tan, Stan
Age: 29
Birthdate: March 4th
Birthplace: Jupiter, the Hurricane District
Current Home: Mars, the Ice Cap District
Blood Purity: Pure
Job: Minister of Mars


Hair Color: Dirty Blond
Hair Style: Cropped Short
Eye Color: Gray
Height: Six ft. 4 in.
Body Type: Lean
Dress Style: Suits or Robes


Likes: LeviBoarding, Traveling, Socializing, Girls, Guys, Charms, DADA

Dislikes: Quidditch, Being In One Place For Too Long, Being Told To Shut Up, Libraries

Strengths: Leadership, Public Speaking, DADA, and Staying Focused

Weaknesses: Sitting Still, Being Emotionally Detached, Transfiguration, and Standing By When He Could Do Something To Help


Father: Kyle Galla
Mother: Nicole Galla (nee Hendric)
Siblings: Emilio Galla (35)
Spouse: ---
Children: ---


Personal: Tristan found out he was bisexual when he was 17. He had fallen for his best friend, and was heartbroken when said friend had rejected him. Their friendship ended shortly after that.

To get over his heartache, Tristan devoted all of his time into completing his last year at Pigfarts, exceeding in DADA and Charms. He later became an Auror, and, after a few years of befriending all the right people, he ran for Minister.

Wand: 13 inch, Mahogany, Unicorn hair
Pet: Owl named Sol
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