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General Information

Full Name: Melanie Marlene Frost
Nickname: Mel, Mars, Lanie, Lene, Frostie, Ginger.
Age: 15
Birthdate: November 5th
Birthplace: Saturn
Current Home: Saturn
Blood Purity: Pureblood.


Hair Color: Red
Hair Style: Wavy most often.
Eye Color: Green/Blue
Height: 4'8/Small
Body Type: Slim
Dress Style: Random
Other: (optional)


Likes: Books, people, doing weird stuff, being weird, pranks
Dislikes: Annoying people, strict people, RULES.
Strengths: Very open, friendly, gets good grades.
Weaknesses: Can do before she thinks, is not good at following rules, big temper, very afraid of heights.


Family: She is a pureblood and has a rather big family, her father is a big fan of the dark arts - or a bigger fan than Melanie would want. She doesn't spend much time with her family, her siblings have both moved away and her parents don't pay much attention to her.
Personal: She would rather be good than evil, she is also the only member of her family that doesn't have a star related name.
She also would rather live with her aunts or uncle instead of her parents.


Father: Orion
Mother: Cassiopeia
Siblings: Leo & Lyra - Twins.
Uncle: Ariadne, James and then she calls his best friend Terra, 'Auntie Terra'
Other: House Elf called Odette


Wand: 11 inches, unicorn hair and cherrywood.
Pet: -

Sorting Quiz:
Describe yourself in four words: Smart, random, caring, mischevious.

In which order would you have these words: Friends, Family, Money. (The word that is the first being the most important to you, and the last the least important.)
Friends, Family, Money

Favorite planet of these: Venus, Jupiter or Pluto?


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