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General Information

Full Name: Terra Anna Coleko
Nickname: Ter, Red
Age: 4
Birthdate: July 4th
Birthplace: Pluto
Current Home: Ice Cap District, Mars
Blood Purity: Pure
Job: Lacerta Head of House and History of Magic Professor


Hair Color: Brown
Hair Style: Wavy
Eye Color: BrownishGreen
Height: Five foot Six inches
Body Type: Slim
Dress Style: Semi Casual, Tends To Wear Her House's Colors


Likes: Sarcasm, History, Honesty, Socializing, Making People Smile, Yellow Roses, Red, Deeper Meanings, Nights, Music, Cold, Skirts
Dislikes: Rudeness, Liars, Pessimists, Mornings, Heat, Bugs, Worms, Creepy Crawlers, Blushing, Pink
Strengths: Remembering Useless Facts, Defensive Magic, Potions, Making Others Feel Better
Weaknesses: Charms, Gardening, Cooking, Tact, Taking Compliments


Father: Carlisle Coleko
Mother: Sandra Dela
Siblings: James Jackson (Almost-Brother/Best Friend); Ariadne Ellingham (Almost Sister)
Spouse: ---
Children: ---
Other: Iggy the House Elf


Wand: 11 inches, Mahogany, Phoenix Feather
Pet: Barn Owl Named Shala
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