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Post by Leslie Faith on Fri Jan 27, 2012 9:48 pm

General Information

Full Name: Leslie Marie Faith
Nickname: Lessy, Les.
Age: 14
Birthdate: Febuary 11th.
Birthplace: Brighton, England.
Current Home: Dublin.
Blood Purity: Muggleborn.


Hair Color: Blonde.
Hair Style: Wavy.
Eye Color: Grey.
Height: 4'9
Body Type: Skinny.
Dress Style: Lives in a pile of t-shirts and jeans.


Likes: Jokes, patterns, laughter.
Dislikes: Bad jokes, pink, not getting things right.
Strengths: Being quiet, keeping cool, running.
Weaknesses: Getting tired quickly, doing too much at a time.


Family: Leslie lived in Brighton with her parents until she was four. They then moved to Dublin. She lived with her mother, father and older brother, all muggles.
Personal: Not much.


Father: Dylan Faith.
Mother: Clara Faith.
Siblings: Greg Faith.


Wand: 13 inches, holly, Dragon heartstring.
Pet: bat named Fangs.

Sorting Quiz:
Describe yourself in four words: Funny, courageous, reckless, cheeky.

In which order would you have these words: Friends, Family, Money. (The word that is the first being the most important to you, and the last the least important.) Friends, Family, Money.

Favorite planet of these: Venus, Jupiter or Pluto?

Leslie Faith
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