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Post by Rebecca Mordred on Sun Oct 02, 2011 7:38 pm

Right, this is for the benefit of those people we have bullied into signing up (because we're lovely like that) but if you're just interested then it's there for you too! And if you're new and you know one of us (and you don't fancy playing the "GUESS WHO THE HELL I AM" game) then just owl one of the admins (James, Mel, Terra, Pay, Luk or myself) with the names you want to put up for each RPG (e.g. PF:Bob, HR: Doris) or reply to this post with the same info and we'll whack you on here. Cheers!

Pigfarts: Melanie Frost, Rumbleroar, Melanie McKinnon, Lizbet McKinnon, Natalie Wyatt
Hogwarts Rises: James Potter II, Dominique Weasley, Oliver Wood
Durmstrang Reloaded: Adala Kuznetsova

Pigfarts: James Jackson, Leo Wyatt
Hogwarts Rises: Albus Potter, Minerva McGonagall, Teddy Lupin, Jackson Summers, Draco Malfoy
Durmstrang Reloaded: Matthew Wright

Pigfarts: Terra Coleko, Alec Sparx, Sky Rider, Tristan Galla
Hogwarts Rises: Anabel Williams

Pigfarts: Payton Struck, Zoltan Maslin
Hogwarts Rises: Rose Weasley, Lincoln Joel Jensen

Pigfarts: Lukas Ash Mohr, Zytka Vian Baer, Viktor Von Heem
Hogwarts Rises: Salka Beatrice Ash
Durstrang Reloaded: Liev Zielkov

Pigfarts: Rebecca Mordred, Jack Holloway, Ariadne Ellingham
Hogwarts Rises: Louis Weasley, Zacharias Smith, Ariadne Ellingham
Durmstrang Reloaded: Desiree Dimitrov

Pigfarts: Roslyn Spinnett
Hogwarts Rises: Meghan Finnigan

Pigfarts: Lizzie Otten
Hogwarts Rises: Annabelle Finnigan

Pigfarts: Christina Winters, Jessica Winters
Hogwarts Rises: Molly Weasley II, Sapphire Thompson, Astoria Malfoy

Pigfarts: Darius Mason
Hogwarts Rises: Slade Ralston, Reece Sterling

Pigfarts: Danielle Peterson, Johanne Granger
Hogwarts Rises: Lily Potter II

If I've missed you off or any of your characters, just let me know. Very Happy I have been known for getting characters wrong before... sometimes very wrong. Very Happy

RPG Characters :D Becca
Rebecca Mordred
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