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Post by Rumbleroar on Mon May 23, 2011 12:59 pm

Okay, So we know people hate rules and love breaking them, thats why we tried to have as few rules as possible. (Okay, honestly? We broke almost all the rules so we're changing them!) Beware the rules are kinda weird cus this is Pigfarts!


Just so you guys know first years are 13 years old and graduate at 18 (6th year) and you can pick your age when you post your profile.

Also, there's a lot of swearing going on this site. And that's fine, but if someone asks you to stop, please respect that and stop swearing, at least around them.

Having sex is fine, adults have to place a warning in the title if they are going to describe ze sex. Underage sex is allowed to be mentioned, but not in great detail because that's babypervertness (Sorry, Kate).

Yes, of course people are allowed to be gay here. People are allowed to fancy sheep here. People are allowed to marry these sheep. This is Pigfarts, guys!

Violence is allowed. But if you are violent to a character that is not your own, you have to be careful to not god-mode them.

Do not god-mode. That means that you can’t control someone else's character without their permission.

Please do not create Mary-Sue/Gary-Stu characters. Your character is not perfect. They are not completely hated or completely loved. They can not perform every spell easily. Make your characters realistic, its way more fun for everyone that way.

One last very important rule added by Melanie Marlene Frost: Jonathan Michael Holloway also known as Jack or Nosie is mine. And mine only. Snogging him, if you're not me or don't have my permission is not allowed. Shagging him or in any way touching him or doing anything sexual with him, is not allowed either unless I say it is. Please follow this rule or get your nose broken. Love, Melly.

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