The beast that I am.

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The beast that I am.

Post by Maria Di Oliveiro on Mon Jun 06, 2011 1:09 am

Maria was barely breathing as she watched the blue rabbit eat some grass between the metallic stuff. Watching its every move she slowly moved towards it, trying not to make any sounds, her fangs shot out and she licked them. She jumped forward but the rabbit was too quick and it started running, but she just jumped again and the rabbit was in her hand.

After looking at the rabbit for half a minute she sat down and sank her fangs into its neck, feeling it struggle she moaned as she sucked on it, she emptied the blood from the little body.

Holding the limp blue rabbit one tear landed on it. She stood up and dug a hole in the ground, next to her other preys, and placed the little blue rabbit in there.

Still having blood in her face and on her chest, she sat down and prayed for the animal she just killed.
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