lets have a driiiiiiiiiiink!

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lets have a driiiiiiiiiiink!

Post by Natalie Wyatt on Sun Dec 30, 2012 3:07 am

Was she turning old? She didn't really care, a birthday was a birthday and birthdays needed celebration. So Nat had decided she needed to throw herself a party. Though, who would've guessed Professors could be so stuck up when it came to drinking? Claiming they might run into their students if they went to the club, who cared if they did, really? If Nat remembered correctly the last time she went to this club she had indeed met some of her students, including her brother, but that was on accident.

But at least Becca had agreed to celebrate with her, Nat wasn't sure how she'd feel without her best friend, and so had Terra Coleko, who Nat decided was her new favourite person. She was pretty nice too. Even if she was the head of Lacerta.

"So!" the birthday girls turned around, having ordered a whole bottle of firewhiskey for the three of them and grinned proudly. "Drinking time?" she asked, holding up the bottle. "To me! May I continue to look so dashing even with my old age!"

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Re: lets have a driiiiiiiiiiink!

Post by Terra Coleko on Sun Dec 30, 2012 5:17 am

Terra refused to regret her decision to join Natalie Wyatt in her birthday celebrations. Yeah, she wasn't looking forward to the alcohol (Hell, she wasn't even planning on drinking), but come on. It was the woman's birthday! She couldn't say no to that.

With an uneasy smile, the brunette eyed the bottle of firewhiskey.

Then again, she and Nat didn't exactly know each other. She wasn't obligated to be there. She could always just get up, grab her stuff and march out of there. Leaving the woman to celebrate her birthday. With only Rebecca Mordred as her company.

Merlin, she needed to grow a backbone against other people's feelings.

"I'm not sure," Terra mumbled, gnawing on her lip nervously. "I don't really...drink."

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