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Re: RIDING LIONS ROAR (Wilucy/Lucill)

Post by Terra Coleko on Sat Nov 03, 2012 2:17 am

Terra hated herself sometimes. It was literally impossible for her to be angry. Sure, she'd have a fit of utter annoyance, but she was never really angry. She could be bitter, but not for long.

The fact that Will was someone she was relatively close to only made it worse; the annoyance didn't just fade, it turned into worry.

Damn McKinnons, Terra thought bitterly as she rose from her chair. She didn't plan on leaving, really. Just a quick peek outside to search for a ghost or professor to watch over her class while she searched for the second oldest McKinnon child.

Luckily, she didn't have to search for long. He was still in the same hall.

Unfortunately, he wasn't alone. Nor was he just having a friendly chat.

If she wasn't conscious of the fact that her students could hear every word that she said, Terra probably would've screamed something along the lines of "My poor virgin eyes!"

Of course, she was aware of the group of teenagers behind her, and, thus, didn't do anything but slam a hand over her eyes. She took a deep breath to keep herself calm, still covering her eyes, and tried to ignore the disgusting sounds coming from the two teenagers.

Terra was going to be calm and professional about this. She was their professor now, not their Aunt/Roomate's Friend. Calm, cool, and collected; she could do that.


Maybe not.

Daring to remove her hand, she looked at them angrily. They cut her class...so that they could make out? Really? They had to be kidding.

"William McKinnon, Miss Odair," Terra hissed, crossing her arms in a futile attempt to contain her anger, "I'm glad you found something much more enjoyable than attending my class because you'll be making up the lesson with a ten thousand word essay on the influence of the Earth wars among the magical world on Mars. Due on my desk tomorrow morning if you wish to be able to scrape by with at least an average grade this year."

She hoped--damn, did she hope--that Will wouldn't use his "McKinnon Charm", as she had started calling it, to get out of it.

Damn McKinnons and her inability to say "no" to them.

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Re: RIDING LIONS ROAR (Wilucy/Lucill)

Post by Lucy Odair on Sat Nov 03, 2012 2:35 am

Lucy was vaguely aware of the fact that once William started kissing her jaw and neck, she had started to fill the empty hall with noises of pleasure.

But much to her disappointment, the empty hall didn't stay so empty for long and a noise, that really did remind her of a drowning cat, interrupted them.

Lucy really, really wanted to retort that it was bloody obvious what the hell they were doing, but decided on the last minute that, that wasn't the smartest idea.

Truth be told she was a little bit terrified as well, because Miss usually-calm-Professor Coleko did not seem calm at all. And then she started explaining their punishment and Lucy couldn't stop herself from groaning. Honestly, she would've preferred it so much more had the Professor interrupted them after they had sex, that way at least she'd be a little bit pleased.
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Re: RIDING LIONS ROAR (Wilucy/Lucill)

Post by William McKinnon on Sun Nov 04, 2012 2:11 am

Will pulled away from Lucy when he heard a noise from behind him, turning to see Terra, his hand still on the girl's waist. Oh God, she hadn't come out to check on him had she? That wouldn't be so great. Man, what if she told Mel? He did not want to have to have this argument with Mel. He tried to look apologetic at Terra, biting his lip as he felt genuinely guilty. In fact, he was feeling a bit of an emotional wreck at the moment now he thought about it. Oh well.

However, his guilt was quickly replaced by shock and a small (large) amount of self-pity as Terra announced their punishment. "Ten thousand... ten thousand words?!" Will asked incredulously. "That's like... I don't even know ten thousand words, never mind on..." Was this really wise to argue this out with the teacher right now? Especially since this was a friend of the family's, and he liked Terra a lot. "I think that's unfair," he mumbled, letting go of Lucy and moving away from her. Because this was all her fault, wasn't it?

"Professor, Ter, look, we're really sorry," Will began, gesturing to include Lucy in this grovelling session. Wait, why was he trying to get her out of dirt when she had got them into it? "Please don't tell Mel. I'm just... I don't even know, I'm just not having a good time at the moment and O-Lucy, she kind of... upset me," he glanced in her direction, hoping she would be grateful and they could continue what they'd started later, "and she came outside to comfort me."

And then an idea struck him, and he ironed his face straight to say it. "You see, Lucy has contracted a serious STD, haven't you, Lucy? She's very ill with it. It's a very distressing time for her."
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Re: RIDING LIONS ROAR (Wilucy/Lucill)

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