A Week Away From Civilization

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A Week Away From Civilization

Post by Melanie Frost on Tue Aug 02, 2011 4:20 pm

I was away from internet, bored and had clay..
This is what happened:
(Text with each picture is under the picture)
(Read from top to bottom!)

READ: I know they are all like freakishly big at the moment, but I'm too tired to change it, to see them all, just like ... drag them to another window or something. GAh.

The Marauders of Mars
Zoltan. Melly. Jack. Leo.
Blondie. Ginger. Nose. Twat.

It all started one day in Levi Ball class, when Leo Wyatt flew into Melanie Frost, and caused the domino effect.

Jack Holloway then called Melanie a ginger, causing her to rage and ...

... Hit him in the face with a levi board.

Lukas Ash Mohr the teacher did not like what the children had done and gave them all Detention.
(Look closely and there you can see Jack sitting in pain! I'm so skilled)

They all had detention in the kitchen, and there INNOCENTLY Melanie started a food war.
(What Lukas is doing in the background is a mystery)

The gang found out few days later that Leo was in the hospital and bonded together.
(Again, Lukas.. what the heck?)

Jack and Mel met again in the owl house and talked - without hitting each other.

They then went to a café together, and started the awesomeness of nicknames.

Leo took the job of teaching young innocent Melanie how to kiss, but his always cheerful older sister walked in on them.

Then there was a ball!
Leo and Zy went together. Zoltan and Jess. Melanie and Sky.

Rumbleroar is prettful because I was out of yellow and orange... Razz

Terra. James. Payton. Becca. Natalie. Lukas.

Post your thoughts? Very Happy


I love you Effy
Melanie Frost
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Re: A Week Away From Civilization

Post by Rebecca Mordred on Tue Aug 02, 2011 6:20 pm


Is epic.

Rebecca Mordred
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