Of Dancing and Midnight Kisses (Jess/Zol)

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Of Dancing and Midnight Kisses (Jess/Zol)

Post by Zoltan Maslin on Tue Jul 05, 2011 3:32 am

Nervousness was set in the pit of Zoltan's stomach when he entered the ball room. He had thought he was going to faint when Jessica Winters had asked him to go to the ball with her. After he had recovered from his shock, he had quickly accepted with a sincere smile.

He looked around the ball room. It was simply magnificent with all of it's decorations and such. Zoltan suddenly felt a bit under-dressed in his simple black dress robes and matching bow tie. With a sigh, he walked in and took a seat at a table to wait for his date to arrive.
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Re: Of Dancing and Midnight Kisses (Jess/Zol)

Post by Jessica Winters on Sat Jul 09, 2011 3:39 am

Jessica walked down the winding staircase and looked for her date. She had been unsure if she should actually go, but made up her mind and had asked Zoltan, a boy in her year. The full moon had been a week ago so it wouldn't be a problem.

Jess wore a light blue strapless dress, with high heels in the same color, and a diamond necklace her mother gave her.Smiling as she spotted the blonde haired boy, Jess walked over next to him.

"Hey" She said awkwardly.
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